Dating Deal-Breaker

Published on: 17:52PM Jul 07, 2016

Americans might overlook the religious or political beliefs of a potential mate, but not food preferences. So says a survey of 500 singles from the dating website Plenty of Fish, which indicates a stark link between dating and diet.

Significant portions of vegans, gluten-free dieters and Paleo enthusiasts admitted to challenging their significant others’ eating habits. Twenty percent of vegans admit they’ve ended relationships when their partner refused to also become vegan.

Some other interesting findings: 50% of vegans don’t want to date another vegan; 50% of Paleo dieters don’t want to date a vegetarian; 20% of gluten-free dieters don’t want to date a low-carb dieter; 31% of low-carb dieters don’t want to date a vegetarian; and 25% of vegetarians don’t want to date a Paleo dieter.


Animal-Welfare Survey

A survey by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals finds that three-quarters of consumers are concerned about the welfare of animals raised for food. ASPCA also finds that consumers are paying more attention than they were five years ago to food labels that indicate how those animals were raised. 

Does that concern translate into willingness to pay more? ASPCA’s survey says, yes, 67% of consumers say they are likely to buy meat, eggs and dairy products bearing a welfare certification label with meaningful standards, even if it meant paying a higher price for those products.


Drought Possibility Slim

A bold prediction was made last winter when Weather Trends 360’s Bill Kirk said “2016 is 2012 all over again.” He called it a classic drought scenario. But six months later the reality is that meteorologists just don’t see a drought materializing.


Ranching on the Rio Grande

Farming on the Texas side of the Rio Grande, Ruperto Escobar can trace his ancestors back to a 1767 Spanish land grant. The Rio Grande remains the ranch’s lifeblood, without which his crops would wilt and wither away. It also happens to be a crossing point for drug traffickers, human smugglers and other assorted contraband pushers seeking uninspected passage between Mexico and the United States.