Is Whole Foods Cooked?

Published on: 18:51PM Jul 31, 2015

Shares of Whole Foods Market dipped more than 10% yesterday after it was clear their sales and profits missed analysts’ forecasts and its outlook failed to impress investors. CNN/Money’s headline shouted, “Stick A Fork in Whole Foods,” and it was noted that disappointing Wall Street has become routine for the high-end natural grocery chain as its stock is now down about 30% so far this year. Whole foods’ highly profitable niche in the organic and natural market has been challenged in recent years by Costco, Target and Walmart, all seeking a slice of the margins. Fighting the cynical nickname “Whole Paycheck,” the company’s image was further tarnished by a recent admission that it was overcharging consumers in New York City. So what did CEO John Mackey have to offer reporters on the overcharging situation and his company’s plummeting stock prices? “We do feel like we’re the victims.” Say what?

Behind the Scenes on a “Factory Farm”

Take a look at what it is like inside a real-life “factory farm.” Photographer Erin Ehnle – who runs the popular Facebook page Keeping it Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl – shared what it was like visiting Cactus Feeders. The business feeds 500,000 at a time and has embraced the label of “factory farm.”

Friday Funnies

Fun stories we stumbled upon while composing this week’s GTN.

Ranchers Run 200 Miles …For Beef

The Montana Running Ranchers are proof beef can be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Running in the Ragnar Relay Series Northwest Passage, a 2-day 200-mile race across Washington, the team completed the race in just under 27 hours and placed 26th out of 354 teams in their division. Sounds like we need to redefine getting the “meat sweats” after that kind of run for beef.