PETA OK with Genetically Dehorning

Published on: 21:01PM Apr 14, 2015

No one has ever said that PETA has been at the forefront of science, but the animal rights group appears to be fine with breeding polled cattle for the sake of animal welfare. PETA has been decrying the practice of dehorning for quite some time saying it is cruel. Now the organization appears to be backing the cause of genetic selection by asking for the dairy industry to utilize polled genetics in their herds as a means to discontinue dehorning. Another option might be genetic editing, an emerging technology that could allow producers to genetically dehorning without having production losses.

Cattle Rustling Blooms Again

It’s spring, and cattle rustling is in the air! Officials say springtime brings an increase in cattle thefts, especially when owners don’t check their stock daily. The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association says nearly $6 million worth of cattle were stolen last year in Texas and Oklahoma. Earlier this week a South Dakota man was sentenced to seven years in prison for stealing 11 calves and selling them on Craigslist.

Armadillo Accident

Larry McElroy is not the first man to shoot his mother-in-law. But he may be the first to claim it happened when he tried to shoot an armadillo. Seriously. The Georgia man killed the armadillo, but one round from his 9MM ricocheted off the animal, hit a fence and went through the door of Johnson’s mobile home, and then through a recliner, where the 74-year-old woman was sitting. Officials say she’ll recover, though no word about how her relationship with her son-in-law may be affected.

Feeding Margins Tumble, Packer Margins Improve

Cattle feeding margins turned sharply lower last week as losses exceeded $174 per head.  That’s $77 more than the previous week’s losses of $97 per head. Cash cattle prices declined more than $4 per cwt., with the 5-area direct cash price at $163. That was well below the average breakeven price of $176.45, according to the Sterling Beef Profit Tracker.