Polluting The Public Discourse

Published on: 19:54PM May 15, 2015

There’s a herd of food companies clamoring to be the lead steer in a drive to impress millennials with their anti-science dogma. Whole Foods. Panera Bread. Chipotle. However, we’re holding a special place in the food propaganda hall of fame for Aramark, who proudly touts its new animal welfare policy was designed “in collaboration with the Humane Society of the United States.” Fox and henhouse? HSUS president Wayne Pacelle called the Aramark announcement “game changing.” But here’s our game-changer of the week, masterfully written by Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson. Specifically, Gerson calls out Chipotle for eliminating GMOs from its food as a “noteworthy cultural development: the systematic incorporation of anti-scientific attitudes into corporate branding strategies.” Gerson says Chipotle, Whole Foods and others are doing “real social harm” when they pollute the public discourse on scientific matters. “They are undermining public trust in legitimate scientific authority, which undermines the possibility of rational public policy.”

The Great Wet Hope

The famously fickle weather condition known as El Niño fizzled in recent months. But Californians should find hope in the fact scientists see clear signals El Niño is again showing signs of life. If the pattern forming in the Pacific does strengthen and persist, it could bring storms next winter that “would certainly provide what we would call genuine relief,” said climatologist Bill Patzert. “It could be ... potentially the beginning of the end of the drought.” Meanwhile, the drought continues to grip California and the West, even as rains begin to erase much of the crisis in the Plains. Parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas saw 8 to 10 inches of rain last week.

The “Accidental Genius”

Acquired savant syndrome. That’s what they’re calling the effects a tragic accident had on Colorado rancher Leigh Erceg. In other words, she’s an “accidental genius.” Erceg, 47, fell off a cliff and suffered severe spin and brain injuries. Doctors weren’t sure she would ever walk again, but now she is a gifted artist and poet, and she enjoys spending time puzzling over mathematical equations. She remembers nothing about her prior life. It took numerous scientific studies and brain scans for doctors to diagnose her with savant syndrome.

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