The Tale of a Serial Chicken Killer

Published on: 18:59PM Jun 02, 2015

Details of a chicken killing spree come to light in a crime that looks to be retaliation for a payment program pitting farmer against farmer in an effort to stay profitable in the poultry business. The case made national news when a reported 320,000 birds were found dead in barns across two counties in South Carolina within a week. Many fingers were pointed as to who it could have been, but it was determined a disgruntled contract grower was out for revenge against the integrator – Pilgrim’s Pride – and his fellow farmers. It was so bad police officers had to stand guard at the barns while farmers packed guns during routine farm duties.

Get Rich Stealing Selfies

If you’ve got some high priced heifers you’re looking to buy or a bank payment on some land here’s an easy way to make $100K: steal someone’s selfies from Instagram and call it “art.” That’s what “artist” Richard Prince has been doing with a series he calls “New Portraits.” The controversial “artist” went onto the popular social media photography site and made 48-inch by 56-inch ink jet prints. Then he would put his own spin on photos simply by adding nonsensical comments of his own and removing the original posters caption. Prince had a private show at a gallery in New York City prior to selling the stolen images. Now he is netting approximately $100,000 per photo, many of which are of women posing for seductive selfies. It looks like Prince will get away with it since it is “art.” To take a cue from social media Prince must be #blessed.

Texas-sized Flooding & Cattle Round-up

Many days of rain have caused widespread flooding across the Southern Plains, and for some cattle producers that has meant moving their herds to greener pastures. The Trinity River in Liberty County, Texas rose to historic levels forcing a cattle drive that involved more than cowboys, horses and dogs, it also included boats. On Sunday, an effort was made to move nearly 600 head of cattle from the Liberty Bell Ranch out of a pasture that was engulfed by floodwaters. Checkout out the harrowing rescue that was made from the pasture turned island via some videos we’ve gathered.

Feeding Margins Slip Further

A $6 per head decline in cattle feeding margins is tolerable, unless you were already losing $112.

Feedyard closeouts finished last week $118 in the red as the 5-area direct cash price fell about 25-five cents per cwt. to $159.30. That’s well below the average breakeven price of $168.41 per cwt., according to the Sterling Beef Profit Tracker.