“Y’all Qaeda”

Published on: 20:47PM Jan 04, 2016


Internet users are calling the Bundy Bunch “Y’all Qaeda,” and claim they are waging “YeeHawd.”

They’ve been referred to as domestic terrorists, though that may give more credit to the bunch than they deserve.

The gun-toting rabble-rousers who occupy a federal building on an Oregon wildlife refuge are fed up with the federal government, and they’re not leaving until their demands are met, if anyone can figure out what those demand are.

Mostly this is another incident that will become an epic fail for followers of the anti-government Bundy bunch.

That’s because if they’re itching for a fight, the feds are unlikely to oblige. All the feds need do is surround the building just out of rifle range, turn off the electricity and wait. A lack of food and heat and the occupiers will soon surrender. Was this ‘occupy a wildlife refuge’ really a plan?


Hammonds To Prison

At the center of the latest armed flare-up between Westerners and the federal government is the strange case of rancher Dwight Hammond and his son Steven, convicted of arson on federal land.

The Hammonds both served several months in prison in 2012 for two separate incidents, and they were also commanded to pay $400,000 restitution. That should have been the end of the story, except a federal prosecutor wasn’t satisfied because arson on federal land carries a mandatory five year minimum sentence.

The Department of Justice appealed for a full sentence, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed to a review of the case. District Chief Judge Ann Aiken resentenced the men – five years in federal prison for both, minus time already served.

The two fires the men admitted to starting burned a total of 140 acres, which means they’ll serve 13 days in prison for each acre burned. A miscarriage of justice, certainly, and the spark that brought the Bundy bunch to Oregon. But it doesn’t provide an excuse for the armed occupation of a federal building, and relatives of the Hammonds distanced themselves from the takeover.


Halftime Boos

Iowa fans booed the Stanford band at halftime during the Rose Bowl, and the boos were well-deserved.

During the show, which was in part shown on the live television broadcast, the Stanford band marched – and later tipped – an oversized Holstein cow costume onto the field, mentioned FarmersOnly.com and created formations to show a sad farmer and a corn maze. It was the third time in four years the Stanford band failed halftime. On the bright side, the episode brought attention the ANF initials that Iowa football players wore on their helmets – “America Needs Farmers.” Remember that with your mouthful, Stanford.


Video Criticizes Nebraska Sheriff

An animal rights group is criticizing a Nebraska sheriff in online videos after authorities stopped members of the group near a U.S. Department of Agriculture research lab in Clay County, Neb. The group from Geneva, Ill., that calls itself SHARK has posted three videos on YouTube criticizing Clay County Sheriff Jeff Franklin, The Lincoln Journal Star reported Friday. The group's name stands for Showing Animals Respect & Kindness.