Big Vegan Lies

Published on: 11:34AM Mar 26, 2014

Vegans believe their diet can help people lose weight and even reverse killer diseases. The reality, however, is the evidence is weak and there is a large body of evidence that they are ignoring, says Kris Gunnars, a medical student and personal trainer who launched "Many vegan advocates are incredibly dishonest about animal foods and spread unscientific fear mongering to convince people that their diet is healthy," Gunnars says. He's compiled the "top 11 biggest lies, myths and misconceptions about vegan diets."

A Fish Story

Scientists tell us that the invasive Asian carp threatens America's watersheds. They've been found in 12 states and the Great Lakes, gobbling up native fish and reproducing like crazy. Solving the problem would be easy, if only carp didn't taste like, well ... carp. The Chinese, however, apparently like carp, so a Kentucky firm has launched the latest method of carp disposal and heavy carbon footprint food processing. They're shipping carp to China, where carp are a "prized" food.

A Lift Out To Sea

California's drought has left Chinook salmon high and dry. Specifically, millions of juvenile salmon can't swim out to sea on their usual migration because the state's waterways are too dry. So, state and federal officials are giving them a lift via tanker trucks. Over the next few months, some 30 million Chinook salmon will be trucked from the Central Valley to waters where they can make their way to the ocean. California's salmon industry is estimated to be worth $1.5 billion.

New Technology, New Laws

Officials in Alaska have taken preemptive action to prohibit hunters from spotting wild game with drones. Alaska Wildlife Troopers say the practice is not widespread now, but with the technology becoming cheaper and easier to use, they fear more hunters would begin utilizing drones to spot moose, bear and other game animals.