A Stamp-Free Farm Bill

Published on: 09:49AM Jul 11, 2013

It sounds like the House leadership will try to pass a food stamp free farm bill, perhaps today. That would be a huge deal if it mattered. If the budget hawks succeed, it would leave the few remaining farm-centric congressmen to man the ramparts of farm support policy--and they probably would find much less money to pass out. Fortunately for those of us who like the free money, the Senate isn't going to play along and, even if both houses did agree, the President says he'd veto the thing. Our bets go on another extension.

Politico's take.

Fox News.

Daryl Ray says it would be a big mistake to split the farm bill.

Senators Wonder What’s in Smithfield’s China Closet

Several Senators worry about the Chinese getting our pig secrets.

Read these takes from the New York Times and CBS News.

Catching Heat on COOL

Just browsing the internet this morning...we get the idea the meat industry's suit against USDA is ginning up mostly negative publicity. No mention of the trading partners' pending reprisals. No questions to the Bullards about the difference in market-oriented labeling and government-mandated labeling. No attention to the cost. The reporter--and most of the others we read--just assume that labeling is "good." No matter the cost or how much how many consumers give a darn.

Immigration Bill: Dead to Deader

The immigration reform bill has been looking dead since it twitched out of the Senate. Still acts dead. Maybe deader. This House will have none of it.

Getting Relief Down Under

We mean higher cattle prices in Australia, of course.

We Believe this Court is saying it's OK to Knock an Unruly Dog in the Head...

Our fathers and their fathers and their fathers would probably agree. We're not sure our kids will. Here's the story.

If You had some Black and White Ones, You Could Start a Dromedary

Turns out it is a good idea to graze camels with your cows. Who knew?

Brazil Interest Rates take a Hike

Pay attention, young guns: Brazil has moved interest rates north of 8% at the same time our own Fed is promising to tighten our money supply. It's ripple now, but higher interest would affect a LOT of stuff, starting with loan costs and spreading like ink in the water to beef and land prices and herd rebuilding. Just something to watch and, if you weren't in business during the 70s and 80s, study on.

Flash! Buffalo Meat is Drier than Cow Beef

Consumer Reports seems to have compared beef with buffalo and found, remarkably, that 90% lean buffalo meat is leaner than even 90% lean beef. And it tastes different. The same can be said of armadillo, and they don't tear down fences or run over cowboys.