Another Plant Slams the Gate

Published on: 12:54PM Jul 31, 2014

The packers continue to adjust their demand to the supply of fed cattle. Cargill, says it will shut down its Milwaukee plant. That move will leave 600 folks out of work and reduce Cargill's needs by some 600-head per day. Cargill earlier closed its plant in Plainview and National Beef closed it's Brawley plant earlier this year.

For ranchers, these are high times, of course. But the short numbers are not good news for folks whose jobs relied on big numbers of cattle. The turn-around has begun, but the value-added sectors' problems aren't over. We all know why it is happening, of course. Too few cattle to keep the plants (and feedlots and barbecue joints, for that matter) busy and profitable.

An Aborted El Niño? G-Day My Arse!

The Aussies are pleased to announce they’re cutting the odds of an El Nino event this year. Good news for them, of course, but awful for California and the drought-weary Southwestern U.S.
On the other hand, the drought in much of the Southern Plains has abated enough that we felt it prudent to offer tips on avoiding mosquito bites to readers who are seeing their first such pests in the last 3 years.

A Good Story About Steaks

Granting that steaks are playing a downsized role in the explosive cattle market, it's still fun to read such a well-researched article as this Food Business News piece on steakhouses.

Speaking of steaks, according to Food Sentry, beef is way down the list of food safety problems uncovered in international trade. Looks like we'll be having beef again tonight!

Wee Calves Need Water, Too

Nebraska's extension service has some timely advice on making sure your babies can reach the water.