Canada Bites Back on COOL

Published on: 11:38AM Jun 10, 2013

No surprise here, but cattle, beef and sundry other "bovine" products are prominent on the list of stuff Canada wants to put retaliatory tariffs on. Mexico, the other big trading partner affronted by the rule, is still to weigh in.

We find stories in four different publications:

The Canadian government statement of last week

A concern about a trade war, as reported by Industry Week

More concern, this time from NASDAQ

Ron Hayes has an interview explaining why all the fuss

But It Feels Sooo Good

There are plenty of editorials on the web about how good it feels to have mandatory labeling. Here’s one from Casper.

Gang Blame

They’re going to talk a lot about immigration the new few days in D.C., and we hope this Denver Post prose isn’t so purple its underlying theme is missed. Let the market, not government quotas, determine how many guest workers are needed.

Five Guys Opens in England. Serves England Cow.

Anybody who has tried a European burger--even one from a chain with an American name--knows there's something not quite right. Five Guys is apparently in the loop on that, according to The Independent.

USDA's Climate Change Initiative

USDA has given a lot of attention the climate change issue, and last week unveiled its plan. It's quite the audacious set of goals and worthy of our attention.

Forbes' Anti-Horse Diatribe


Why Forbes would devote this much space to a lopsided argument supporting horse starvation over slaughter is beyond us, but it probably goes to show you how deep sentiments run in some sectors.

In Missouri, the Public Agrees with Forbes.

At least, if you trust this poll from the Humane Society folks.

More from Around the Net


Tips for Hay-Making Negotiations

It's a tricky business, hiring somebody else to make your hay.

Cow Candy

This KSU researcher has a new supplement he says will enhance cattle health.

Delisting Wolves?

Fish and Wildlife wants to delist the grey wolf and turn management back to the states. Public comments are welcome.

Beware 'Aggressive Foreign Cattle'


In England, every list pasture has fence stiles and footpaths providing public access. It's a charming tradition allowing everybody access to everybody else's land. But danger lurks in the form of Brit-hating European stock.

Electric Manure


The L.A. Times reports on another attempt to use manure to generate electricity. More power, if you'll pardon the pun, to them. When you spend a lot time grazing the web, you realize that CAFO waste is big part of the anti-beef argument. If it takes subsidies to turn manure into energy, CAFOs should set about finding the money.

Anthrax Has Returned to Minnesota.

Here's a report from Minnesota Public Radio.

A Cautionary Headline from The Oregonian

For certain folks...and you (and your spouses) know who you are: Weed-killing propane torch sparks house fire west of Wilsonville.