DC Court: COOL is Legal Enough

Published on: 11:10AM Jul 30, 2014

Country of origin labeling got a big win yesterday with the DC appeals court saying it found the government had demonstrated a compelling reason for the labels, giving consumers choices "in the event of a foodborne illness outbreak."

It isn't over, of course. There is still the Supreme Court and the World Trade Organization. At any rate, the ruling made R CALF happy and NCBA contemplative. The issue drew the attention of the mainstream press because they see it as a freedom of speech issue.

Restocking? Stocking Up? Go Cows

And who isn't running the numbers these days, what with calf prices looking good into the distant future? Your best bet, says TAMU, is old, open cows.

Ask the economists, and they'll tell you that this mighty fine market is being driven by ground beef. Your high priced, rich-guy, expense-account cuts just haven't seen the demand increase it would take to keep them growing with $1.60 feds.

Reason: The rotten economy. But there is some good news out today. Reuters has a good report.

But the alas part of this economy is that while the steak eaters may be getting richer, the hamburger eaters are just getting poorer. Uh, any you wonder why fowl consumption surpassed beef last year?

No Ceiling in Sight

Beef prices have yet to find a price ceiling this year as new records continued to be broken. We're not complaining, but it makes us wonder just how high prices will go. With prices continuing to rise, we just hope that consumer demand doesn’t go fowl—at least no more than it already has.

The Russians are a Plain Spoken Lot

Not only are they using protectionist trade regulations to block meat imports to benefit domestic producers, you'll note in Nikolai Fyodorov's comments that they are proud to say so.