Farm Bill Flop

Published on: 11:27AM Jul 12, 2013

The Farm Bill passed the House yesterday – yippee! The legislation has $195 billion for the next 10 years for crop insurance and conservation programs. Alright! No mention of food stamps this go-round. Hmm, OK. NCBA issued a modest "thanks," although everyone knows the bill is as dead as the tree it was printed on. We might as well be farming with Monopoly money, because that’s as real as this farm bill is gonna get.
Here’s the take from the New York Times.
At first thought, separating ag policy and food stamps made a lot of sense. But now republicans look like they care more about subsidizing farmers than feeding hungry children. Not the best PR campaign for American agriculture.

Rancid Rules

As if it wasn’t rank enough in Washington, now the powers-that-be are fighting over how to fight. Forget immigration, food stamps and the farm bill. These Senate geniuses are arguing about changing the rules of how they argue. Thomas Jefferson must be rolling over in his grave. The Washington Post reports.

No-Fly Zone

How does a Kansas feedyard make the news in North Jersey? When a Jersey photographer paraglides over a Garden City feedlot to take pictures for National Geographic, that’s how. Kansas officials arrested the photog on trespassing charges, says Apparently the century-plus old publication whose slogan is "inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888" is doing a story on food. We think it’s time to add their website to our daily perusing. Here’s a story they have on food fraud.

Appreciate a Cow Today

Amidst all the quibble in Washington, we almost overlooked the fact that today is National Cow Appreciation Day! According to Yahoo! News, it’s also Paper Bag Day (July 12, 1859, was when the paper bag was patented) and Simplicity Day – marking the b-day of Henry David Thoreau, whose book "Walden" was a tribute to living simply. So pay for a burger out of your leather wallet while wearing your leather soled shoes, put said burger in a paper bag, and enjoy it sitting on a park bench while admiring the simplicity of life. No cell phones allowed.
And we’ve got to hand it to Chick-fil-A. Their chic marketing takes full advantage of Cow Appreciation Day, offering free chicken to anyone who enters – wearing a cow costume.
Here are 9 suggestions from AgWeb on how to celebrate the day.

Hold the Salmon

So we hear you should eat fish high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids at least once a week. Hold that thought…Time says now it seems all those Omega-3s are upping the cancer risk.


Did you ever wait in line for a McCrab or a McLobster? Well, we didn’t either. But in case you’re curious, here are the Top 10 McDonald menu flops, according to The Daily Meal.

Meaty Competition

Our civilized friends across the pond are deluging into food eating competitions, says The Independent.. One is at a burger joint called MEATliquor. Reckon that’s print-worthy on the vacation brochure?