Farm Income Conundrum

Published on: 12:08PM Aug 28, 2013

Headlines on the most recent projections for farm income are a bit deceiving. Many of the major news sites tout "U.S. Farm Income Sees Record Highs." But that doesn’t tell the whole story, like expenses are also at record highs, and large corn and soybean crops will push some prices lower. Bloomberg analyzes both sides of the story. Our friends at Cattle Network also look at how off-farm income fits in the mix.

You know the saying, behind everyone who farms or ranches is a spouse who works in town.

Drop Outs

Some schools in the country have a drop out problem. They are dropping out of the National School Lunch Program after school cafeterias were forced to change their menus thanks to the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. However, the act has had the opposite affect in many parts of the country. Kids don’t like the food offered, and many complained they were still hungry after eating smaller portions that had fewer options. Some cafeterias ended the school year $100,000 in the red.

Agri-Pulse looks at what the students did eat, when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

CBS delves deep into the problem.

Warning to All Pregnant Women!

PETA has issued a warning to all pregnant women: Don’t participate in chicken wing eating contests! Huff Post says the over-the-top animal rights group has urged the National Buffalo Wing Festival to ban pregnant women from the contest, citing a study linking poultry consumption to … are you ready for this … smaller genitals in boys.

It’s okay if you want to click on the link to read what idiocracy PETA is promoting now. We did.

Investing in Infrastructure

The projected drop of beef supplies has not discouraged Cargill from dropping some big bucks at their Dodge City location. According to Dodge Globe, the packer is investing $48 million for a new beef distribution system.

Population Problem

The horse slaughter debate has lasted years, and has recently been highlighted by a federal court case. At least those on both sides of the matter agree on one thing--let’s get on with it--the court case anyway. While HSUS, some politicians and other activists argue to end horse slaughter, the Wall Street Journal suggests the West is on the brink of a wild horse apocalypse.

Other News Bites ...

If you’re looking for a feel-good story this morning, click over to the Des Moines Register and read this story about a local meat packing business that’s been open since 1869.

New Yorkers are raving about the ramen burger, the Today Show reports. Although we’re not booking a flight to try it, at least it does boast an all-beef patty!

Angry tweeters eat their words at a Canadian Taco Bell, according to Adweek.

Does your Ford need a new paint job? Ever considered wrapping it in bacon? Ford has. TIME has the scoop; oops we mean slice.