Gene Patents and Beef's Future

Published on: 11:52AM Jun 14, 2013

Yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling applies specifically to human genes, but patents are a crucial part of the cattle genetics progress as well. Surely, some enterprising ag reporter will follow up on this before Monday. Science Insider reports.

Meanwhile, Beef Magazine has a good piece on the Meat Animal Research Center's release of across-breed EPDs.

Boehner and Lucas on the Farm Bill

Fox News reports that Speaker Boehner will support a farm bill.

Ron Hays has a good interview with the chairman of the House ag committee, in which he vows to fight farm bill amendments that "try to tell rural America how to farm."

WalMart Tries to Get More Local

Food Business News says WalMart wants to offer more regional products.

ABC Will Fight BPI

The TV network that about killed the "pink slime" company says it will continue to fight a defamation suit. Sioux City Journal reports.

Pig Bellyache: Do GMOs Cause It?

This report says maybe and maybe not. More research needed.

Horse Slaughter

Parts of Congress are, again, of a mind to dictate an end to horse slaughter. Food Safety News reports.

Oregon's Water War

While many of you are worrying about too much water, westerners continue to fight over who gets how much of a crucial resource.

From the Denver Post

From the Washington Post

Now It’s Which Comes Last? The Chicken or the Egg?

First it's test tube meat, now it's chickenless eggs, according to this NPR story.

Corn Moving North

The Wall Street Journal reports on the trend toward corn replacing wheat in our northern climes.

NCBA's Weekly Update

The Association's wrap-up of the news.

PETA's Nekkid Beauty Queens

It is only our professional and very non-prurient interest in the tactics of the animal rights movement that forces us to stoop to including pictures like this. If the CBB would find a bunch of unclothed beef-eater beauty queens, we'd be equally interested.

Party Poopers: The T-rex Is No More

USA Today reports the nine-patty treat is axed as an oh-so-politically correct spokesperson intones against eating so much at one sitting.

Maybe Minerals Aren't So Complicated After All

AgWeb has a piece making it sound like most of us worry too much.

Whatever It Takes

The Memphis paper reports on a county commission apparently willing to spend upwards of a million to stop a CAFO. Their tax dollars at work.

Manure Spill

All the rain apparently caught this outfit unprepared.

The Weight of the World

This prominent cook says it is the calling of the chefs of the world to lead us into a healthier, more "sustainable" future. Such a burden.

A Cool McDonalds Ad

These guys do such a good job of selling stuff. It's too bad they'd just as soon sell fowl as beef.

A Very Bad Day: Impaled on His Chain Saw

Pravda is proving a great source of oddity stuff, obviously translated not very well from the foreign. Anyhow, this would be an accident to avoid if you can.

Rural Population Decline

Now, even the old people don't want to stay around, the Associated Press reports.

Note to Ag Bankers: Plan for Hard Times

We're not sure our banker needs this advice, but the the Wichita Eagle reports that regulators say the money changers shouldn't be too easy with the easy money. Low interest and increased competition are tempting many to seek other avenues of revenue.