It's the Sizzle, Silly

Published on: 13:57PM Jul 28, 2014

These incredible cattle prices get less credible daily, and Jim Robb and Ron Hays are forced to marvel at how demand seems to stay "robust."

From the supply side, they, of course, take note of the much-reduced supply of cattle—headlined last week by USDA's July inventory report, but that doesn't explain such robust demand. Naked hamburger thieves might explain it, though.

If you want proof of how badly folks want beef, well, consider this report on nude hamburglars. Nobody in the beef business expected demand could be so strong. But we may have found the explanation!

We’ll have fries with that.

Carbs and Cancer

Beef has been blamed for everything from cancer to heart disease and even the distruction of the world's rainforests. There are even a number of lists roaming around the interweb explaining why you should stop eating beef. Of course, we can think of plenty of reasons to keep eating beef, and they all end with "charbroiled."

On a side note, Brazilian ranchers are reinventing their business, and as a result, deforestation has declined to a 25-year low. Eh-hem. 

But look. A study that doesn't blame beef for anything!

Amen and Amen

The Farm Bureau's Bob Stallman has some thoughts on the EPA trying to regulate your windmill’s spillover pond. He wants to set the record straight regarding the "Waters of the U.S.," saying, "If our government says something, you ought to be able to take it to the bank." Stallman goies on to explore the fine print and hash out his beef with EPA's definitions and lack of clarity.

Cow Groups Take Note

Oregon cattlemen have a mighty fine idea for a fundraiser. Sell steaks cooked the way steaks should be cooked and raise money for the cause at the same time.

Just seeing all those juicy steaks over that firepit makes us wish we were in Oregon for the Washington County Fair.