Jamie Oliver, Eat It!

Published on: 12:36PM Aug 27, 2014

Despite a celebrity chef and ABC News' best efforts lean, finely textured beef (LFTB) is back on the market. During the spring of 2011, British chef Jamie Oliver tried to convince U.S. consumers they needed to watch a butcher grind their beef because of "pink slime."

The following year ABC News stepped up the conversation on LFTB with an 11-part investigation into the USDA approved beef product.

Drought and record high prices have brought LFTB back into grocery stores and the national spotlight, but this time it appears here to stay.

Dandelion Tires???

Dandelions really aren't good for much. The weed is an eyesore on most lawns and it takes a lot of weed pulling or Round Up to rid your grass of the pesky stuff. But researchers may have people changing their minds on dandelions with the discovery that a plant originating in Kazakhstan could help supply the global tire market. The Kazakh dandelion's taproot contains a milky fluid that holds tire-grade rubber particles and is known to grow in even the poorest of soils. This is good news for tire manufactures who have been searching for alternatives to traditional tree rubber because of a fungus outbreak in Brazil.

New New England Farmers

USDA's most recent census reports that farming has been decreasing in popularity. From 2007 to 2012 there were 95,000 farms lost, but the Northeast saw a 5% jump in farms. Farming is also gain steam in the classroom with a 43% increase from 2004 to 2012 for students from the Northeast doing their undergrad studies in agriculture. In states across New England the local food movement has made small scale farming on property often less than 50 acres profitable because of the ability of these new farmers to connect with consumers.

Raising vs. Purchasing Heifers

Ranchers weigh options on replacement heifers amid historic high prices.

When it comes to replacement heifers in beef cattle operations, producers are faced with a dilemma: Raise them, buy them or sell them and "take the money and run."