Kick the Can

Published on: 14:34PM Nov 22, 2013

The folks on Capitol Hill have yet again failed to agree on a farm bill. It was looking like the conference committee composed of leaders from both the House and Senate might make something happen with the farm bill, but ultimately issues with food stamp cuts and other sticking points led for the group to postpone voting. Now both the House and Senate will be going on recess for the Thanksgiving holiday. Let's hope they don't continue to play kick the can.

Kangaroo Chow Mein?

Beef with broccoli is a staple of many Chinese restaurants here in the U.S., but over in China you're probably going to see a lot of different proteins in traditional dishes. Some exotic species that have been eaten for medicinal purposes include cats, dogs, rats, and a host of other animals. Now, kangaroo meat could be the new popular paring with broccoli or fried rice thanks to efforts by the Australian government. Right now kangaroo meat is cheap at nearly half the price of beef. It's not yet known if Chinese consumers will be jumping for joy to eat 'roo meat.

Custom iPad Burgers

McDonald's is known for its speed of service with billions of burgers sold. The franchise is now trying to slow things down in an effort to give customers a little more of what they want. The custom burger fad, made popular by other chains like Five Guys, Smash Burger and In-And-Out, appears to have changed the world leader in fast food's approach. McD is trying something completely new—new to them, that is and only in a Laguna Niguel, Calif., restaurant. Diners will now be able make a custom burger with an iPad that list more than 20 different sauces and toppings. To steal a phrase made famous by Burger King: "Have it your way."

More Beef

We like to hear that beef is at the center of the plate, and this article makes us feel all warm and fuzzy like we just ate a juicy T-bone. Beef consumption has been on a steading increase since 2010 with the average American consuming 52 pounds per year. Restaurants across the country are helping with the positive trend by adding more and more beef items to their menus. That's music to our ears.