Milking Scandal

Published on: 18:13PM Oct 06, 2014

Nothing, apparently, is sacred anymore. The World Hand Milking Championship has an allegation of doping.

That's right, it's alleged that this year's winner cheated. The championship is held at the Branzi Fair in Lenna, Italy, which challenges a cow and a person to produce as much milk as possible in two minutes. The former world record for hand-milking was two liters. Gianmario Ghirardi took this year's title and smashed the world record with an astounding 8.7 liters of milk pulled from Mirka the Cow. Last year's champion Maurizio Paschetta declined to participate, saying he "would have expected strong anti-doping checks on the cows and milkers."

Wedding Crasher

When Brian and Rebecca Pepper scheduled their wedding photos in a scenic Australian cow pasture, the last thing they anticipated was that a bull might consider them trespassers.

The bull actually charged the newlyweds, but Brian – still in his wedding suit – charged back.

The couple returned to their wedding reception unscathed, but the experience made for great conversation.

Texas Beef Recall

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says a Texas company is recalling nearly 91,000 pounds of ground beef products that might be contaminated with pieces of metal.

Corpus Christi-based Sam Kane Beef Processors is recalling the beef products after four consumer complaints were received about pieces of metal, approximately 3 mm in size, being found.

Beef Demand Keeps Rising

Domestic meat demand has been above the year-ago level for 21 of the last 22 months and there are signs it will continue to strengthen. Friday’s jobs report said non-farm payroll increased by 248,000 during September. That's the biggest increase since June and is an indication of stronger economic growth.