Pigeon, Parakeet And Pony

Published on: 20:13PM Mar 11, 2015

The Kitchen Of The Unwanted Animal” is the name of a food truck that tells you all you need to know about the cuisine. Yeah, it’s a provider of “specialty meats.” In Amsterdam, two artists are trying to widen their city's list of local tasty creatures — and expand minds, too — with dishes like the My Little Pony Burger, Peace Pigeon and Bambi Ball.

Bovidiva On Dietary Guidelines

Jude Capper, also known as @Bovidiva on Twitter, thinks press coverage of the new Dietary Guidelines caused more harm than the actual report. Despite the guidelines that have been issued since 1980, “we are all still eating too many Twinkies in front of the TV and super-sized takeout meals in the car, rather than chowing down on broccoli and lentil quinoa bake.” Yet she wonders if we make matters worse with our protests of the report. “At what point do we need quiet, stealthy change?”

Whose “Lovin It” Now?

McDonald’s, the largest buyer of Canadian beef, has developed a set of 40 “indicators” to assess sustainability,  created a scoring system to grade ranches, feedlots and others in the beef chain, and picked a verification company. Last year McDonald’s announced it would begin sourcing “verified sustainable beef” from Canada beginning in 2016. So, just where is Ronald headed with this sustainability stuff? “This is not a certification regime — this is a verification opportunity,” Jeffrey Fitzpatrick-Stilwell, McDonald’s sustainability manager for Canada said at the recent Alberta Beef Industry Conference.

LeRoy In The Hot Tub

Central Indiana farmer Dean Gangwer found a newborn calf in a snowbank this week. With the calf barely breathing, Gangwer decided the quickest way to warm up the calf he now calls LeRoy was to take him to the hot tub. Leroy is recovering and has started to nurse.