Range War Shifts to Race Card

Published on: 14:50PM Apr 24, 2014

This story just won't go away. Cliven Bundy's spat with the BLM has become much more than a dispute over grazing rights on federal lands. It morphed into a rallying cry for many who hold anti-government sentiments, and provided fodder for politicians like the two Nevada senators – Democrat Harry Reid and Republican Dean Heller – who ratcheted up the rhetoric.

Reid called Bundy a "terrorist" while Heller called him a "patriot." The political controversy generated by the Bundy incident drew media like flies to a feedlot. But as Bundy’s 15-minutes of fame dwindled, he threw the media more red meat when he veered off into comments about abortion, welfare and race, reported by The New York Times.

Those comments were quickly denounced by both parties.

Farmer Gets Kidney From Hunter

Rob Robinson first met Gil Alexander when he knocked on the Kansas farmer's door to ask about hunting. Three years later, Robinson was back to ask to hunt again and that's when Alexander mentioned his ill health and that he needed a kidney. When Robinson got home he was tested and discovered he was a match for Alexander. The operation was a success, and the two have founded Forever Outdoors, a nonprofit that brings vets, kids, and others to Kansas for nature and hunting expeditions.

Betty Davis Eyes?

Nope. Justin Bieber hair. That’s how the world's biggest hamburger flipper has remade its mascot. McDonald's wants Ronald to look less clown-like, so now he sports a red blazer, a red bow tie, red-and-white striped rugby shirt, yellow vest and yellow cargo pants. Oh, and coiffed hair.

Prairie Chicken Threatened

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the lesser prairie chicken will be listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Cumulative habitat loss, encroachment by invasive woody plants, wind energy development, petroleum production and the ongoing drought are just a handful of reasons why there are fewer lesser prairie chickens in the wild today.