Robo Cowdog

Published on: 12:26PM Nov 20, 2013

Robotics have been stepping into all phases of life, but we didn't think robots would be in the pasture this soon. Researchers in Australia are trying to replace the cowdog with a robot that can perform the task of herding cattle. Border Collies, Kelpies, Heelers, Australian Shepherds and a number of other dogs have got to be a little worried about their job security. Not only could the robot remove man's best friend from the farm or ranch, but the folks Down Under even had the nerve to give the robot a dog's name: Rover.

Volvo Does Splits and Runs with Bulls

By now you've probably watched the "Epic Split" that movie star and martial artist Jean Claude Van Damme pulled off between two moving Volvo semis. But what you probably haven't seen is a previous video stunt Volvo performed in the streets of a Spanish city with some cattle. During a video titled "The Chase" a Volvo pickup is painted red and outruns the famous running bulls of Spain. "The Chase" is pretty neat, but it doesn't look much different than a lot of ranchers' feed routes when the cows are hungry for cake.

Joan Jett(s) from S.D. Float

The selection of PETA supporting rocker Joan Jett didn't float the boat of South Dakota cattlemen when it was originally announced she would be standing on a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade float representing the state. On Saturday, Jett decided to roll rather than keep rocking with the South Dakota float. Let's hope Macy's doesn't put Carrie Underwood on as the replacement to Jett. That's a float wreck waiting to happen.

Fridge Photos

Refrigerators and freezers are a great place to store a side of beef. Most people could probably stand to clear some fridge space to help house a few steaks. A photographer from Texas has been taking photos of people's refrigerators in a photo series titled "You Are What You Eat." The fridges run the gamut with some being stocked to the gills and others looking like a barren food wasteland. "I was hoping to learn about people through their food—refrigerators are a private space—but more importantly to shine light on how people take care of their bodies and our food supply," says photographer Mark Menjivar.