Summer Feedlot Slump Won't Last Long

Published on: 12:48PM Jul 22, 2013

Few were surprised to see USDA’s Cattle on Feed report last Friday show a 3% drop in cattle feedlot inventories compared to this time last year. Our Pro Farmer analysts call the report neutral. But Archer Financial Services blogger Dennis Smith has his eyes on placements of 800 lb. calves—placements from March to June were up 17.5% from last year—setting the stage for larger-than-expected beef production this fall. Nope, we won’t be running out of steak anytime soon.

Give Me More Beef, Please

On the heels of the neutral Cattle-On-Feed report, cattlemen can keep breathing easy. Domestic beef consumption was up (slightly) for May, after three consecutive down months. Retail prices were just a dime less than the all-time high set in March. All while U.S. beef exports racked up a solid 6.2% increase for May. Yep, U.S. beef is still king. Let’s celebrate with steak on the grill.

Here are some great recipes.

Russians Set to Resume Talks on U.S. Beef Imports

A foreign news service reported last week that Russia’s agricultural authority will resume talks with its American counterparts today over ending the embargo on U.S. meat. The Russian government banned supplies of beef and pork from the U.S. in February over the use of beta-adrenaline stimulators that are forbidden in that country. The Russians are looking for a guarantee of "veterinary purity," according to a government release, and they want the U.S. to pay for it.

Hope for Drier Pastures

North Dakota State University researchers are saying that drylot beef cow production can be a viable alternative to pasture cow-calf production. Feed cost and quality and careful herd management practices are key to drylot production. Read more about the six-year study.

Rancher Sorta Crosses Cow with Panda

Some might see it as a crime against nature. We think it's just darn cute. A rancher in Roy, Wash., recently succeed in his quest to breed a miniature cow that looks like an endangered Chinese panda bear. Apparently no bear was involved in the process, yet the young animal has a white face with black hair around the eyes. How could that be? The cow is allegedly stopping traffic along a Washington state highway.

Drop Those Chops

The pork industry is trying to cash in on higher beef prices, as evidenced by the National Pork Board’s latest campaign. The campaign promises consumers weekly price comparisons between pork and beef cuts, new recipes and the chance to win prizes. We sure don’t mind a good pork chop, but not when we’re craving a Porterhouse.

Roast Beef on the Cheap

In celebration of its 49th anniversary, fast-food chain Arby’s is dropping the price of its signature roast beef sandwich to the 1964 price of 64 cents. Too bad it’s only a one-day deal.