The World According to Wayne

Published on: 11:37AM Jan 20, 2014

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States, wrote us a letter. Well, not directly to us, but to all ag journalists to let us know he's not all that happy about our coverage of HSUS. In fact, Wayne gives America's ag media a little advice about how to do our jobs, because he's disappointed in "the tone of coverage." Actually, the column was not aimed so much at ag journalists as it was another angle to spew propaganda about HSUS to the masses. We know because it was published on the Huffington Post, which is ... well, probably the last place ag journalists go for professional improvement help. Nice try, Wayne, but we're not buying your shtick.

They Don't Eat Gravy?!

There are dozens of things we don't understand about vegetarians, but just to make sure we prioritize them correctly, here's "10 things Only Vegetarians Understand." Which made us realize one fact we hadn't considered before – they don't eat gravy! Makes sense, of course, as any good gravy is made in a cast iron skillet after cooking an animal protein. Have we mentioned before that we're gravy connoisseurs? We like brown gravy, white gravy, thick gravy and runny gravy. We've eaten some bad gravy before, but most of it we made ourselves.

Cattle Prices Set New Records

It's another great week to be in the cattle business as prices for just about everything set new record highs. Last week's market surge was driven by sharply higher boxed beef prices as retailers look to fill their inventories. USDA's Market News reporter Corbitt Wall says the "feeder cattle market balloon continues to drift farther out of sight." Stocker operators are thinking about grass cattle already, but the calendar says winter still has two months left.

"Guess Who's Coming to America?"

America's economy is strengthening, which is good news for those of us selling beef. But the improvements in our economy mean more than just spending power for consumers, it also means more people want to live in America. Consumer data from UniGroup Relocation, the international arm of the United Van Lines, says 15% more people moved into the U.S. than left the country, which is up 7% from 2012. Where those new immigrants are coming from may surprise you, but they're not coming hoping to find work. They already have employment, many with high-paid jobs in corporate management. Among Americans who relocated from one state to another, Oregon was the top destination, replacing Washington, D.C., which held the top spot the previous five years.