USDA Report is Here to "Assist" You

Published on: 13:25PM Aug 01, 2014

You've always got to be careful with the politically predictable websites, but the Daily Caller has put its (right, of course) finger on an issue we find nobody else paying serious attention to this morning. USDA released its technical assessment of "Greenhouse Gas Report to Assist Producers Facing Climate Challenges" yesterday, and the Daily Caller bets it is laying the groundwork for lots of new regulations.

Given the fact that a lot of folks think like Elizabeth Kucinich about cattle production's role in global warming, we'd say they may have a point.

Immigration Reform Gets More Shilly-Shally

So who knows what's next on this immigration "crisis?" The Senate gave up. The House appears to be about to give up and even if they don't give up, anything they agree on will be dead on arrival since both the Senate and the President won't agree to anything the House agrees to.
As of this writing, CNN has about as good a take on the situation as anybody we find.

There is no shortage of opinions on the matter, though an exhaustive search of the internet finds only the one bit of heartening news—the BBC reports Mexico is going to try to keep so many kids from trying to ride the death train. (It bemuses us that joint US/Mexico cooperation has been so successful at controlling screw worm flies at the Yucatan, but can’t stop Central American children. Maybe this is a sign of progress.)

The Farm Bureau has some ideas, that might get us some affordable labor, although MSNBC's Ed Schultz is against affordable labor of any sort, even illegal. Colorado has an idea to go along with its pot laws—give the illegals drivers licenses.

Big ROI on the Checkoff

Ron Hays has a good interview with Cornell University's Harry Kaiser, who has been studying the matter. He says every dollar of checkoff has returned $11 to producers—adding nearly 12% to domestic demand and 6.4% to international demand.

Safer Chinese Food. (Maybe)

Not that there's been any problems to speak of, you know, but the Chinese have agreed to participate in a joint food safety project.