Victory for Hage!

Published on: 10:25AM May 30, 2013

Few legal sagas have garnered the attention of western lands ranchers like that of the Hage family's long, long tussle with the feds. Now, a federal judge has finally ruled and it wasn't even close. He said the punitive action by public lands officials ".. shocks the conscience of the Court."

Bye-Bye, Mad Cow

The OIE has finally recognized that BSE is not a problem in the U.S. That should make it easier to get our trading partners to lift their archaic restrictions on imports.

No Cow Flatulence Jokes Here

We’re above it. But, the EU is looking for cows that produce less methane, and they say your typical bovine wastes 10% of her feed producing the stuff. After much searching, your GTN staff managed to find a story that takes it seriously.

We Gave; Will China Give?

The Wall Street Journal has a good take on Smithfield's sale and the lopsided exchange of goodwill between China and the U.S.

A Young Man's Opportunity

If we were a few decades younger (and if calf prices weren't so high, maybe, this being a summer-only deal), we'd look hard at this opportunity to lease a Wyoming ranch.

Speaking of Opportunities...

If you like red tape, USDA has opened the grasslands reserve program.

More Bubble Babble

We chose that headline only because babble sounds funny with bubble, not because we suggest disregarding the message in Russell Hubbard's well-handled piece on the possibility of repercussions from an expected drop in farm income.

Farm Sanctuary on FSIS IG report

You have to follow this stuff, like it or not. This piece about food safety was written by the lead dog at the Farm Sanctuary. Seems that the more you care about animal rights, the more scared you are of food safety issues. And, of course, vice versa.

More Bits from the Net

When Cooperation Pays Off

The industry's decision to declare food safety a "non competitive issue" is paying dividends.

Got Doc?

In case you nighttime showerers hadn't noticed, it's hard to find a doctor around here.

Wormer advice

Indonesia will import Aussie beef

The good life we live

Sun lotion advice