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A Farmer's Christmas Gift

Published on: 01:13AM Dec 19, 2018

I promised in my last blog to talk this time about thread adhesives and sealants, but it's so close to Christmas I thought I'd share this true story:

Several years ago during harvest I was called to help dig a rock out of a combine. It was a family operation, with friends and neighbors helping, so my efforts to dislodge and remove the rock turned into a spectator sport. The driver of the combine, the oldest son in the family, was catching a lot of grief about running the rock into the machine, and there was a lot of back-and-forth going on. 

I eventually got the rock removed and made necessary repairs. The combine returned to the field as I picked up and loaded my tools. The crew returned to their grain cart and trucks, all except the father. He was kicking around in the stalks, and eventually bent over and picked up the rock I had tossed aside. He tossed the softball-size rock from hand to hand, kind of mumbled to himself, then headed for his pickup.

He noticed me watching him, grinned, and held up the rock. "This gets wrapped and put in a box under the tree for my eldest son's Christmas present," he said. "I may put a copy of the bill for your time and repairs in there too."