A Tool Addiction is Justified

Published on: 15:39PM May 18, 2019

I've mentioned in earlier blogs that I like Vise-Grip pliers. I feel having multiple types and sizes of Vise-Grips in my tool inventory improves my performance as a mechanic.

One of my co-workers thinks I've gone overboard about Vise-Grips, and describes my affection for those tools as," ...nearly a fetish."  I've therefore felt defensive any time I added another type or size of Vise-Grip to my inventory.  

But last week, while making a major repair to a combine, I gained factory endorsement for my affection for Vice-Grips. There, in the official repair manual for that machine, in the midst of the detailed instructions on how to disassemble and remove the clean grain elevator housing, were the words "Use lock-jaw pliers as illustrated in photo to remove front seal." In the photo was a pair of Vise-Grips clamped to the metal seal. Even better, the picture showed someone bashing on the Vise-Grips with a hammer to remove that seal. It nearly brought tears to my eyes, seeing Vise-Grips being used  in exactly the way I've used them so many times. 

Well. let me tell you, the sun shined and the angels sang in Dan's world as I marched across the shop and shared that information with the co-worker who considers Vise-Grips a lesser tool, and my Vise-Grip collection a near-fetish.

I guess even a blind pig stumbles across an acorn every now and then.