A Tool Worth The Cost

Published on: 14:39PM Jun 26, 2016

I'm guilty of spending too much money on "impulse buy" tools. You know what I'm talking about--they look like something that would be good to own, but once you get them home you regret the money you spent on them.

That's not the case with some hose removal tools I picked up in the past year or two. I bought the first one quite a while back, and found it so handy that I went ahead and bought a full set. They're nothing more than screwdrivers with their tips bent at various angles. Some have curved tips, some have 90-degree tips, and some have doglegs in them.

They're labeled as "hose removal tools," with the idea that you hook them under the edge of radiator hoses to break the seal and pull stubborn hoses off their fitting on a radiator. But that's the least of what I use them for. They pull cotter keys, they snag and pull parts from down inside machines, and they do a dozen other jobs that I never thought of until I had them.

Handy as heck, and the whole set cost less than $30. I love it when a cheap tool works well.