Black Handled Tools

Published on: 15:54PM Jan 29, 2017

There is growing evidence that tool manufacturers are conspiring against mechanics. Their goal is to increase tool sales by making it easier to lose tools.

I cite as evidence the growing number of tools that are black-colored or that have black handles. Tool manufacturers know that much repair or maintenance work is conducted in the bowels of machines where lighting is poor. Mechanics, especially aging mechanics with failing eyesight, are prone to overlook or misplace tools under those conditions. Making tools dull-colored makes them easy to lose, requiring replacement, hence increasing the sale of tools.

I won't even mention the current fad about camouflage-colored tools. Duh.

As protest against this conspiracy, I am boycotting black-handled tools. All my tool purchases in the future will feature bright orange, lime green or otherwise garish handles or cases to make them easily visible. Any tools without handles, I will paint with a bright yellow or orange stripe to improve visibility and increase chances they will return to my toolbox after  repairs are completed.  

(That way I won't spend an hour crawling around and poking into a machine I just finished repairing, searching for a missing, black-finished ratcheting wrench…)