Repairs Are In The Eye of the Beholder

Published on: 21:36PM Jul 03, 2019

DWM commented on a previous post about a temporary repair trick I've used on occasion. He said, in short, that temporary repairs can be permanent repairs--for as long as they last.

He's right, but in my occupation, it all depends on the customer. Some customers cannot stand to have their equipment less than factory-perfect. If any components show wear, or aren't performing exactly to factory specifications, they want them replaced. At the other extreme I have customers with the attitude, "If the machine  will leave marks in the field or knock down crop so it looks like I did something, that's good enough. Don't fix it."

I understand both philosophies. The customer who expects perfection is striving for as much from his machine as possible, both in the field and when it comes time to trade. The other customer is no less interested in profits, but has a different view about machinery expenses. Neither is right or wrong. It's my job to listen carefully, and give them a machine maintained and repaired to their standards.

As a mechanic, my tendency is to fix things "factory new" because then it's easier to guarantee my work, but...there are times when I'm pretty confident that welded, zip-tied, and cobbled machines will at least finish the field--if not last for years. I've come to realize that my job has two aspects: fixing machines, and making customers happy, and there are many ways to "fix" a machine that could make a customer happy.