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Tools I'm Ashamed To Like

Published on: 21:06PM Jul 23, 2013

 I admit I'm a tool snob. I refuse to use the cheasy, cheap, unbalanced, underweighted claw hammer my wife keeps in the kitchen drawer. At hardware stores I look down my nose at bargain bins full of screwdrivers on sale for 99 cents each. I generally wouldn't be seen in public using any of the multi-tools that have a 38 different tips, bits and accessories stored in the handle.

But there are a few tools that I own that I'm embarrassed to admit I like. For example, while I'm too good to own one of the multi-tools with 38 tips, bits and accessories, I confess the go-to screwdriver at home and around my garage is a sturdy plastic-handled screwdriver that has a removable shaft with a Phillips tip on one end and a flat tip on the other. And the Phillips tip and flat tip are double-ended, so I end up with two Phillips tips of different sizes, and two flat tips of different sizes. This particular reversable screwdriver has a quality handle and hardened tips that have endured a lot of abuse. I actually bought two more of that brand and style of reversable screwdriver, so I'll have spares in case they stop making them. 

I've got a fancy digital tire pressure guage that would probably give my wife justification for a new pair of shoes if she ever found out how much I paid for it. It's got a neat, LED-illuminated round gauge-housing mounted in shock-absorbing rubber, with a hose to a two-way chuck. It's really cool. But most of the time when I need to check air pressure in a tire, I grab my old slip-stick tire pressure gauge. It's quick, it's easy, I never have to calibrate it and its batteries never go dead because it doesn't have any. Just like the screwdriver I'm ashamed to own--the slip-stick tire pressure guage is what I use at home when nobody else is around.

Yes, I am a tool snob. But not such a snob that I don't recognize a simple, useful, durable tool when I see one. When I tried to explain my tool buying philosophy to my wife, she smiled, patted me on the head and said,"That's the exact strategy I used when I was looking for a husband."


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