August saw some big moves in the Inputs Monitor Index

Published on: 12:01PM Sep 06, 2012

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August saw some big moves in the Inputs Monitor Index. The biggest mover was urea which fell sharply over the first two weeks of the month to end $31.91 lower at $627.84.

UAN28 and UAN 32 both down on the month; UAN28 down $24.41 to end at $373.34 and UAN32 down $24.15 overall, finishing the month by swinging up $0.57 in the last week to end at $406.23.

Potash down $8.08 to $608.38; DAP down $6.84 to $643.08, and MAP also down $12.16 to $651.34.

Anhydrous, farm diesel and LP all rose over the month. Anhydrous up $12.30 on the heels of a $9.02 rally in the last week to $812.75; Farm diesel mostly steady jumping $0.14 in the final week of August to $3.65, and LP remained docile most of the month with a $0.04 uptick in the final week to end the month slightly higher at $1.31.

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