Late-Night Comics on the World Cup and BP's Hayward

Published on: 10:16AM Jun 15, 2010
Bill Maher: "Here in California, Meg Whitman is going to be the governor nominee from the Republican side. She's the former CEO of eBay. She said her eBay experience helped her convince voters to buy a load of crap that they don’t really want."

Jimmy Fallon: "The U.S. is facing England in the World Cup, and the U.S. ambassador and the U.K. ambassador have made a friendly wager on the game. If England wins, we have to buy their ambassador tea and crumpets, and if we win, they have to buy us a new ocean."

Jay Leno: "A lot of people are upset and wondering why President Obama is willing to sit down with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but not BP CEO Tony Hayward. I think Obama is afraid — Ahmadinejad only threatened to destroy the world and Hayward is actually doing it."

Jimmy Fallon: "President Obama may finally meet with BP CEO Tony Hayward. Obama plans to ask Hayward for an update on the spill, while Hayward plans to ask Obama for an update on the spill."

David Letterman: "Thanks to BP, the Gulf now has two new islands: self-service and full."