Letterman's Top 10

Published on: 16:07PM Jan 06, 2010
David Letterman: Top Ten Signs There's Something Wrong With The Secret Service 10."Code 13" - Do Not Admit - confused with "Code 31" - Invite For Brunch 9.Keeps revealing President's itinerary on their Twitter page 8.When away from guard post, agents leave key to White House under doormat 7.Earpieces are often tuned to local Morning Zoo 6.President Obama's on his own tomorrow night while security screens "Avatar" 5.Recently let Bush back into White House because he wanted to "do some more Presidentin'" 4.Accidentally spent three weeks protecting Men's Wearhouse President George Zimmer 3.When short of personnel, agents replaced by Walmart greeters 2.Currently have 15 agents protecting Nixon 1.Obama's code name: "The Situation"