Jay and Jimmy on the Chinese President's Visit

Published on: 09:16AM Jan 21, 2011

Jay Leno: "The White House held a state dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao. President Obama wore a traditional Chinese-made garment: a pair of Nikes."

Jay Leno: "Obama and Hu had a private dinner the night before. When Obama tried to pick up the check, Hu said, 'Your money is no good here.' Obama laughed, and Hu said, 'No, really, your money is no good.'"

Jay Leno: "President Hu's advance team came a week earlier to make sure that wherever he's staying has no Chinese drywall."

Jimmy Kimmel: "Hu Jintao made his first official state visit to the United States. Vice President Joe Biden has been asked not to do his 'Hu's on first' routine."