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2014 John Deere S650 Combine Sold on Illinois Farm Auction Today

Published on: 20:03PM Dec 15, 2018

1st one I've seen sold at auction.

I'm talking about John Deere S650 combine. The 2014 model S650 pictured below sold today (December 15, 2018) on a farm auction in Teutopolis, IL (east-central Illinois). It had 453 engine hours, 328 sep. hours, was 2WD, Contour Master, chopper option, extreme lighting pkg., 21 1/2 foot auger, loaded, new filters:


It sold for $148,000.

Again, that is the 1st S650 combine I've seen sold at auction...and I've compiled 18,883 auction sale prices on Combines the past 19 years. But John Deere S650's...just not many made. In fact today we show only (2) S650's for sale around the country by dealers, one in Iowa, the other in Nebraska. Here's a link to more info and pics on that pair of S650's for sale today:



The farm auction today in Teutopolis, IL had quite a lot of really nice farm equipment, including another fairly rare bird, an open station 2WD John Deere 4050 tractor. It was a 1983 model with 2,900 hours, Quad Range. Here's a picture of it:


It sold for $41,000. How high is that? Well, after checking our Machinery Pete auction sale price data, it shows $41,000 to be the 4th highest auction ever on a 2WD John Deere 4050.

Highest Auction Prices on John Deere 4050 2WD Tractors




* Data by


Here is a full sale price report from the Teutopolis, IL farm auction today:




* Data by


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