Hottest Thing on Used Equipment Market: Grinder Mixers

Published on: 00:31AM Mar 22, 2016

How hot? Let's say scorching hot.

That would be buyer demand right now for very good condition used Grinder Mixers. I have seen a spat of very strong auction sale prices across the country here recently with a few new record high sale prices set. Here's a rundown:

Case IH 1260, sold: $19,500 (record) on 3/18/16 farm auction, southeast Iowa


Bearcat 950, sold: $5,250 (record) on 3/19/16 farm auction southwest Idaho


Gehl 170, sold: $18,000 (record) on 3/12/16 farm auction north-central Indiana


Gehl 100, sold: $5,900 (2nd highest price 8 1/2 years) on 3/12/16 farm auction northwest Missouri


Gehl 100, sold: $4,600 (tied 5th highest price 8 1/2 years), on 3/12/16 farm auction north-central Indiana


Note that each of these Grinder Mixers sold at auction just here in the past 9 days and note the varying geography where they sold...Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri. Will be interesting to see if this surge in buyer demand will continue. Stay tuned.

Looking for a used Grinder Mixer? Here is a list of 626 Grinder Mixers for sale today in our web site: