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JD 4955 - 4755 and Pair of 4960 Tractors Sold Saturday on 4 Auctions

Published on: 02:48AM Feb 28, 2019

4755. 4955. Pair of 4960's.

Pretty impressive tractor poker hand if you're playing with deck of green cards. All sold Saturday (February 23, 2019) on machinery auctions in Indiana (2), Ohio and Illinois. Each had low hours. Here's the scoop on how each one sold:

1991 John Deere 4755 with 2264 Hours: $57,000 (Columbia City, IN)


Pete's Note: "Avg. Auction Price last year on JD 4755 = $28,358 (High $48,500; Low $14,250)


1989 John Deere 4955 with 2225 hours: $71,000 (St. Marys, OH)


Pete's Note: "Avg. Auction Price last year on JD 4955 = $24,637 (High $38,000; Low $14,100)


1992 John Deere 4960 with 3200 hours: $68,000 (Otterbein, IN)


Pete's Note: "Avg. Auction Price last year on JD 4960 = $29,429 (High $66,000; Low $12,750)


1993 John Deere 4960 with 4203 hours: $64,000 (Sheridan, IL)



Here's link to view "Tractor Specs" on all models of John Deere Tractors:





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