A Solution Always Starts With Talking

Published on: 13:32PM Sep 13, 2013

During our recent RFS debate between Bob Dinneen of the Renewable Fuels Association and Kristina Butts with the National Cattlemens Beef Association, it was interesting to note how often the two sides agreed.  To be sure there were definite areas of disagreement especially on the waiver process and whether it needs to be changed or not.  Both sides made good points and did so in a civil, friendly manner.  It was refreshing to see, especially in Washington D.C., people on opposites sides of an issue willing to sit down face to face and discuss their differences while seeking a workable solution.  Whether that solution is reached remains to be seen but both sides seem closer for being willing to talk and more importantly listen to each other.  We can only hope members of Congress will try the same approach.  Maybe then we'll see progress rather than gridlock on important issues facing our country.