Crop Insurance Subsidies are Bad, but Health Care Subsidies are Good?

Published on: 14:31PM Oct 09, 2013

The debate over the Affordable Care Act seems to come down to who do you trust.  There is a lot of speculation on both sides about the benefits and shortcomings of the program.  Time will tell who is right.  Given the widespread distrust and dissatisfaction people have for the government, I find it interesting that so many people think government involvement in healthcare will make it better.  I just don't see a track record that warrants that kind of trust and optimism.  I also find it interesting that so many people criticize government subsidized crop insurance but support government subsidized health insurance.  We know farmers pay premiums into crop insurance and we seem to be hoping enough people will pay to be part of the new healthcare program.  Millions of Americans don't have health insurance.  I have to believe a large percentage of them don't have insurance because they can't afford it.  Giving them more insurance choices doesn't give them more money so eventually it will come down to who pays for it.  Whether it is through higher premiums or taxpayer dollars for subsidies, those currently paying for insurance will pay for those who aren't or can't? Crop insurance became a target of budget cutters when last year's drought led to large payments being made even to farmers who had paid premiums for years without filing a claim.  What happens when the bills come due on an even larger program backed by a government already partially shutdown and deep in debt?