Of the Postseason and Politics

Published on: 08:51AM Oct 04, 2013

Watching and enjoying the St. Louis Cardinals opening game victory in the playoffs against Pittsburgh reminded me of what is good about sports.  For all of the negatives such as injuries, illegal substance use and high priced hot dogs both on the field and in the concession stands, there is something special when your team is doing well especially in post season.  As I watched the game in a pizza place it was amazing to see the reaction as the Cardinals took the lead.  People were yelling and clapping as if they were at the ballpark.  Total strangers were high fiving each other and talking as if they had known each other for years.  After the game I stopped for gas and the gal at the cash register, seeing my Cardinals attire, immediately asked if WE had won.  After filling her in on the game, she started telling me all about her passion for baseball as well as  her grandmother’s.  This went on for some time as I waited to pay for my gas.  The excitement of a winning sports team has the ability to break down barriers and bring people together.  Something about a shared goal seems to create a bond between people.  I couldn’t help but think about how divided our country is over so many issues these days to the point our government has shut down.  Too bad we can’t put our differences aside for the good of the country and come together to seek solutions to our problems. Major league baseball is a kids game played by adults.  Politics is an adult game played by adults acting like kids.  I realize the nation’s issues are more complex and serious than a sporting event,  but it should be easier to solve them if people are pulling together as a team instead of pulling each other apart as enemies.  It’s certainly working in Cardinals nation.