The Ag Limbo

Published on: 12:36PM Jun 26, 2013

Farming in any state is challenging but right now agriculture finds itself in perhaps the most challenging state of all….LIMBO!  The failure of the farm bill in the House leaves many unanswered questions.  It’s certainly hard to make plans not knowing what the rules will be.  Attempts to pass the Senate bill in the House won’t be easy and perhaps impossible.  Meanwhile the White House, which had already expressed their dislike of the House ag committee’s bill, now threatens to veto the ag appropriations bill.  Also caught in limbo is the proposed horse processing plant in New Mexico.  While Congress still says it is ok to have horse processing they at the same time seem to be trying to cut funding for inspectors.  As we have seen in many other cases, passage of a bill means little without the money to fund it.  Representatives of the company in New Mexico continue to be optimistic they will get their plant open.  While that seems to be a long shot at this point they may have one thing in their favor.  Until Congress passes an appropriations bills without money for horse plant inspectors then the funding remains.  In other words, doing nothing might be the best chance of opening the plant and with this Congress that’s a strong possibility.