We All Share Blame for Government Shutdown

Published on: 14:13PM Oct 02, 2013

Depending on which opinion poll you believe, the Republicans are taking the brunt of the blame for the current government shutdown.  While they deserve their share, I think there is plenty of blame to be passed around.  Neither party has shown much leadership. Instead they take an our way or no way approach as they deny doing it while accusing the other side of it.  The White House is part of the finger pointing game being played as our leaders seem willing to fiddle around while our country burns.  The partisan media doesn't help with their stories speculating on which party will win.  Meanwhile the country loses.  There is no high moral ground here.  Both sides gave that up long ago when they refused to even consider compromise.  At one time compromise was applauded as an effective and sensible way to resolve differences.  Now it is considered giving in and a sign of weakness.  Both parties play to their extreme political bases to protect their jobs and keep contributions coming in. Voters must share part of the blame as well.  Not only do we keep sending a lot of these people back to Washington but we do so with instructions to not give in to the other side.  It's time to stop the madness and realize we are (or should be) on the same side.  That doesn't mean always getting everything you want and shutting down the government when you don't.  We used to criticize smoke filled back room deals of the past but the air doesn't seem any clearer in this new day of media driven transparency.  Maybe it's time to lock the politicians back up in those smoke filled rooms and not let them out until they work things out.