Yes, There Can Be Cooperation in Washington

Published on: 13:23PM May 09, 2013

If the rest of Congress could work together as well as Frank Lucas and Collin Peterson do we might see a lot more accomplished in Washington D.C.  As the House ag committee gets ready to take up the farm bill next week, the committee's chairman and ranking member seem on the same page and optimistic about the outcome.  Both agree on reducing spending by about 38 billion dollars and feel the bill they get out of committee will get floor time.  That of course would be an accomplishment in itself.  Despite their shared optimism, both know there will be battles ahead.  Cuts in nutrition spending, a deal breaker last year, will be a major hurdle again this year not only in the House but with the Senate as well.  Other hurdles both from within as well as outside agriculture loom but the bipartisan leadership on the House ag committee is a refreshing approach missing from most political debates these days.