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Ford 8N with Chevy V6 Engine

Published on: 00:27AM May 09, 2015

In the long winter months we usually have a custom project in the corner of the barn to tinker on. Last winter we made this hot rod 8N Ford with a Chevy V-6 engine.


We used a 4.3 Chevy carbureted engine (1985) out of an Astro van since we wanted the engine to be simple without fuel injection. The tractor has an MSD ignition system with distributor and spark module. The biggest challenge was the adapter plate which had to be re-worked, along with the flywheel, throw out bearing and clutch. 



My grandparents are our neighbors yet their house is still several acres away. When we call them on the phone they usually can't hear it. However, whenever we started this tractor up they came right over on their golf cart to see what was going on!


This tractor is certainly a show-stopper. 


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