John Deere Letter Holder from 1880

Published on: 20:07PM Feb 15, 2015

Check-out this original John Deere letter holder. It was produced sometime between 1880 through 1890.


Because these are uncommon, it’s not likely that this was a dealer piece. Perhaps it was introduced for use in the corporate offices.


These letter holders are rare and highly desired. Therefore, some reproductions are on the market today. You can identify an authentic letter holder by the length—the original was 18 3/8”. Some reproductions are welded or screwed together—the original is two pieces held together with a single rivet on the back bottom point.


Notice that the tail of the deer on this original letter holder does NOT touch the outside circle. The tail will touch the outside circle on most reproduction pieces.


The original letter holder has a lot of detail in the logo which the reproduction pieces lack. An experienced collector will be able to decipher if the piece is original or reproduced.





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Special thanks to Derrick Sindt from Sindt Implement for sharing information for this post.