In The Shop: My New Favorite Work Light

Published on: 18:32PM Oct 16, 2019

This year's late harvest will find many of us working after dark. I see a lot of different types of flashlights, lanterns and work lights in combine and tractor cabs as customers prepare to light the night while doing maintenance and making repairs. I carry a mini-flashlight in my pocket, and often find myself holding it in my teeth as I try to aim its illumination where I'm working and still keep two hands free to work with.

Well, my nights of clenching flashlights in my teeth may be over. Last summer the Snap-on tool salesman tempted me with a new battery-powered light. It's a half moon band of plastic, maybe an inch wide, with a small, flexible LED light pod on each end of the half moon. The lights are impressively bright, and powered by a small but powerful rechargeable battery built into the back of the band.

Snap-on's engineers designed the half moon of plastic to be worn around the user's neck, with the light pods flexed to shine directly in front of the user. I found that the flexible half moon fits snugly around the back and sides of my head just above my ears, shining the bright little lights wherever I turn my head. Imagine two bright LED lights that shine exactly where you're looking whenever you turn your head--up, down or sideways. I really, really like them.

If you're interested, do a Google search for "Snap-on Neck Light, item number ECHDC038" and see if they look like something that would work for you. Several caveats, if you buy one. First, they cost between $50 and $75. Second, remember to turn them off, or remove them, when talking with someone--people get really annoyed having two LED lights blasting into their face. Third, be prepared to be called "Cyborg," or "Robot-Man" the first time someone sees you with personal headlights.