In The Shop: Now For Something Completely Different

Published on: 19:48PM Apr 28, 2020

After more than 11 years and in excess of 500 "In The Shop" blogs, I'm downshifting. I retired from the dealership earlier this month. As I suspected, now that I'm not intimately and daily involved with farmers and farm equipment, it's a challenge to come up with a steady stream of blog topics. So Farm Journal has graciously allowed me to step back in some areas, and step up in others. I'll occasionally post blogs as I come across interesting, useful information or topics, but more of my efforts will be directed toward stories in future issues of Farm Journal Magazine.

I know I've annoyed a few of you over the years, but I hope the majority of my readers have been informed and possibly entertained by my blogs. It has been an honor to share my thoughts and experiences with you. I'm pretty sure that you already knew or were aware of many of the tricks and techniques I blogged about, but figured that it never hurt to talk about common repairs, maintenance and in-the-field adjustments. 

It's an interesting world before me--for the first time in more than 50 years I don't have to get up and go to a job every weekday and often on weekends. But farm equipment has gotten so big that my aging joints just can't take the daily abuse, so it's time to close my big toolbox, set up a small shop at my acreage, and explore what sort of lightweight mechanical troubles I can get myself into. I may not be be at the dealership anymore, but I'll still be In The Shop.