In The Shop: Ode to an Air Tool

Published on: 13:32PM Jan 17, 2020

Most of my tools are at the dealership. I keep enough duplicate tools at home to do basic repairs around the Anderson acreage. Mainly hand tools for simple jobs, because I get my fill of hard-core repair work at the dealership. But I found one tool, an air tool, that I couldn't live without at home. It's a die grinder with a carbide bit.

It seems like even when I'm tinkering at home, there's always a hole that needs enlarged or elongated. Maybe a rough edge needs smoothed or shaped. It's amazing the number of honey-do projects that are made easier by a die grinder with a carbide bit.

Equally useful is putting a mandrel with an abrasive cut-off disk in the die grinder. Given the choice between using a hack saw or the cut-off wheel to hack off pieces of angle or strap iron, the cut-off wheel is a no-brainer. I've even cut curves in sheet steel with the cut-off wheel.

If I can justify an air-powered die grinder with carbide tips and cut-off disks for my rudimentary home shop, I'm convinced just about any farmer would find use for similar setups in their farm shop. If they haven't already got one. In which case, I don't have to tell you how handy they are.