2015 Estimated ARC-CO Corn and Soybean Payment Amounts

Published on: 16:52PM Feb 24, 2016

~~Farm Doc Daily put out by the University of Illinois just posted an article on the estimated 2015 ARC-CO corn and soybean payments.  Maps were provided showing an estimate of the payment by county and these maps are based upon the NASS yields that were released last week and using the current MYA price estimates for corn ($3.60) and soybeans ($8.80). 

Most of the upper western corn belt will see fairly significant payments.  Even though their yields were fairly high for 2015, the high Olympic average prices (corn $5.29 and soybeans $12.27) will result in maximum ARC-CO corn and possibly soybean payments for those counties.

The eastern corn belt will likely see maximum payments due to both lower yields and the high Olympic average price.

Although NASS yields are not final, I think you can certainly use these numbers for budget purposes.  The MYA prices will need to rally substantially for these numbers to change much.

Please take a look at the article to get more details.